Rules For This New Base Of Change:



Our community funds and empowers Superheroes who make the world a better place.

Our community names Antiheroes that cause the world to be a worse place.

Our community deals with Antiheroes who commit 'Crimes Against Humanity' in the New International Court Of Justice.

The status of justice cases and the identity of Superheroes are not visible to the public. 

Always Be Kind.

Always Practise Life-Long Learning & Radical Self-Reliance.

Always Be Real & Honest!

You Are Beautiful & Complete Even If You Don't Feel Like It Sometimes.

Don't Forget To Say 'Please And Thank You' To Other Superheroes For Supporting You...Manners Matter!

Help Us Keep The Forums Well-Organized.

Set Your Boundaries & Stay True To Yourself While Still Respecting Others.

Stay Tuned For Forum Updates.